HULL 2030 is a growing partnership of churches working together in Hull to inspire and encourage church planting initiatives. Our aim is to help assist in the planting of 20 new churches in Hull by the year 2030.


There are tens of thousands of people in the Hull area for whom God deeply and desperately cares but many have no connection or access to a local church.  

Church planting continues to be a great way to show God’s love and reach out to those who have no church contact.  The majority of people who attend a church plant are previously un-churched or simply stopped attending.

HULL 2030 aims to bring people and churches together to transform lives and communities through church planting.

Read our ‘Statement of Faith’ here


Five reasons why our city needs churches committed to planting churches.

1.   We need to plant churches because it is the biblical model for kingdom advance

In the New Testament Jesus’ essential call is to plant Churches. In Matthew we read about the great commission to “make disciples of all nations, baptising them”. It is clear in Acts that baptism means incorporation into a wor­shiping community with accountability and boundaries (cf. Acts 2:41–47). We want to see people saved and added to the body. Timothy Keller explains that, “Only a person who is being evangelised in the context of an ongoing worshiping and shepherding community can be sure of finally coming home into vital, saving faith.”


2.   We need to plant churches to reach a growing population

According to the most current census data the population of England and Wales has grown by 3.7 million people in the past 10 years, yet church attendance in Hull was the lowest across the UK.

Recent government data (ONS, 2015) showed that local authorities in Hull had some of the highest proportion of neighbourhoods among the most deprived in England. This was also true in 2010, 2007 and 2004. Hull has persistently been an area with significantly high levels of income and employment deprivation.

With these things in mind we need to be planting relevant churches that will reach new generations, new residents and new people groups.


3.   We need to plant churches to replace the numerous churches that are closing

We need new churches to reverse the decline of churches over the past 30 years. The total number of churches in the UK fell from 50,231 in 1980 to 47,635 in 2005 a fall of 5.16%, whilst in the same period the UK population grew from 56.3 Million to 60.2 Million a rise of 6.7%.

4.   We need to plant churches to reach our ever more secular and diverse cities

A recent study of 64,303 adults in the UK that of 18-34’s 53% chose to describe themselves as having no religion. The gospel doesn’t change and the message of Christ is unchanging, but, we do need to find innovative, creative and flexible models of church that are highly-contextualised to best reach a secular culture. New churches overall are forced to focus on the needs of its non-members and as such are far more sensitive to the nonbelievers’ concerns. In addition, in the beginning of our Christian life, we often have far more close, face-to-face relationships with non-Christians. This is of great benefit when it comes to inviting and attracting many more non-believers into the church.

Secularisation is not the only challenge we are facing, we are also becoming an increasingly diverse nation. New communities have entered our cities, with people from many ethnic backgrounds. Reaching them for Christ presents fantastic opportunities and real challenges.


5.   We need to plant churches that will love and serve our cities

The church has a lot of work to do to persuade those who live in our cities that we have a role to play. Many people hold religion responsible for the cause of misery and conflict in the world today. Many are suspicious of the presence of religion in their society and so the church must demonstrate a commitment to biblical truth that displays Christ; to love, serve and bless our increasingly diverse city.

The Beginning

Hull 2030 has started with a handful of church ministers praying together & considering some of the needs & opportunities facing us in this city. We have shared our own plans & dreams, but also recognised some of the glaring gaps & blind spots.

We know that the need in Hull is not going to be met by local churches, networks, denominations & organisations working independently. Whilst some genuinely good work could be done through our own churches, we recognised that our scope is always going to be limited.

Church history teaches that independence is a real killer of momentum & that it’s when we collaborate & work together that we get movement. Churches elsewhere have found that it’s a common vision which brings them together & helps them work & pray towards a common goal. With that in mind, we have committed to pray & work together for the planting of 20 churches in Hull & the surrounding region by the year 2030.

In a city all the strengths & resources in each church could be kept to ourselves, but what we’re finding is it’s a very positive experience to share them with one another. Whilst we don’t pretend to endorse every detail of each other’s theology & ecclesiology, we can agree on a strategy if not all the tactics!

Just to stress, we’re working together to plant churches – but not necessarily planting churches together. We recognise that we all come with our own different flavours and trying to blend them all together in one church plant may end up slightly complicated, but right now we want to draw on our collective gifts & experience to actively recruit, train, mentor & support church planters together.

We’re also looking to encourage renewal & revive struggling churches & encouraging us to think a little more strategy about how to reach new people groups in the city – whether that’s through social action or working into ethnically diverse areas.


Just to add, we don’t want to fall into the trap of thinking that simply by planting a whole bunch of new churches, we’ll change the city. We need churches that impact society, not just rearrange Christians!

  • We want to plant churches that regularly see people coming to faith in Jesus.
  • We want to plant churches that equip believers to be salt and light in their work-place and their community.
  • We want to plant churches that go on to plant further churches that will work together to change this city and beyond.


We certainly don’t want to give the impression that we’ve got all the answers but, alongside others, we’re determined to play our part! Could your church join with us to pray and be challenged to consider Church planting?

We had over 40 church leaders attend the Hull2030 launch. Thank you for all who were able to come and those who sent apologies.

We will meet on a regular basis to pray and encourage one another about mission and church planting. Anyone in leadership is welcome to join.

Join us for our next HULL 2030 meetings

All meetings are at Jubilee Central at 12pm unless otherwise stated.

 For more information email or call 01482 328196

26th January 2022 – 7.30pm at Jubilee Central
23rd March 2022
4th May 2022
29th June 2022